The Natural Acoustic Band was formed in 1969 in Milngavie, Glasgow by Tom Hoy, Krysia Kocjan and Robin Thyne although there were a number of personnel changes throughout the band's history.


The band released just two albums and one single, Making it to the No.1 slot in the Melody Maker Folk Charts.


Both albums are available through BGO Records

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directed by Rory Hoy

'Waiting For The Rain' video 

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Krysia Kocjan 1953 - 2007

On Wednesday 21st February 2007, Krysia sadly passed away after a two year battle with lung cancer.

She is greatly missed by everyone who knew her.

Tom, Robbie and Neil send their love and best wishes to her husband Rob, their family and friends.

The trio was formed in 1969 in Milngavie, Glasgow, Scotland. There were a number of personnel changes but the classic line up was Tom Hoy, Robin Thyne and Krysia Kocjan.

The group played their first gig on 5th November 1969 at Alloa Working Mens Club. Eventually the press picked up on the bands talent and their popularity began to spread. On occasions, an Australian drummer (Graeme Morgan) and a Chinese bass player (Amin Mohamed from a Portuguese Colony in Hong Kong) augmented the group.

In June 1971 when the band came to London, the music papers said it was "impossible to overstate their case" and that they were "the kind of original phenomenon that the folk scene waits for with baited breath" We wont argue with that!

"We became accustomed to the immediate impact of Krysia's voice then we began to take more notice of the intrinsic music which was drawing attention to that voice"

- Jerry Gilbert

The group had a hard grounding in the folk clubs and colleges of Scotland and the North West England and then spent a year working the Southern folk circuit before being satisfied that their wide range of material was ready for transfer onto disc. To this end, they signed a worldwide contract with RCA records, going on to release their first album compiled entirely of original compositions in April 1972.

They went on to appear many times on BBC Radio 1 and 2 and on Scottish Television, BBC Scotland, Harlech TV, Granada TV and went on to appear on 'The Old Grey Whistle Test' alongside Alice Cooper.

They blew the 150,000 crowd away at the Weeley Festival sharing the bill with Rod Stewart, T-Rex, Status Quo, Rory Gallagher and Monty Python among others, played to ecstatic crowds at the Roundhouse and supported Billy Connolly, Country Joe McDonald and Don McLean at the Royal Albert Hall, also touring extensively with Ralph McTell.

They were picked out by 'Melody Maker' as one of the groups most likely to succeed in 1972.

"There are no reasons why their success shouldn't be assured. Their songs are melodically jolting and lyrically absorbing"

- Andrew Means

Krysia left in 1972 and the group expanded to a 5 piece line up featuring Joanna Carlin (AKA Melanie Harold) on vocals. The band also included Dougie Beveridge on drums and Amin Mohamed remained on bass. This was a 'heavier' version of the original group and was well received by audiences and press alike. Although they were offered a large sum of money to sign with a management promotions company, the band had run it's course and it was time for something new.


Tom and Robin continued as a duo until in 1975, Tom joined the group Magna Carta in 1975 and was fortunate enough to have a Top-10 hit and a Top-20 Hit album in the Netherlands both called 'Took A Long Time'with both album and single charting. Robbie followed, joining in 1977 and both enjoyed international success with the group.

Click here to see Tom and Robbie perform with Magna Carta


In 1979 both Tom and Robin left Magna Carta and formed a band originally to be named Dutch Courage, but on the insistence of the record label, became  Novakata (something that always annoyed Tom), recording a sole album, Roadworks for CBS in Holland. The group toured for just a year in Europe before disbanding.


Krysia released a solo album in 1974, before moving to USA doing session work for artists like The Kinks, Al Stewart, Mike Heron and joining a band called A Shot In The Dark.

Robin works as a solo artist, mainly in Scotland. He has released three private pressings for touring.

Tom and his wife Geraldine worked as a duo 'Tom and Gerry' worldwide until 1987. Tom still writes songs and does the occasional gig with Chris Simpson and Magna Carta.

Tom and Gerry's son, Rory Hoy, is a successful Music Producer/DJ with 6 albums to his credit and countless EPs, Singles and Remixes on various record labels. He also has a multi-award winning film 'Autism & Me' on DVD, and a successful book published called 'The Little Big Beat Book'. Tom and Gerry collaborate with Rory from time to time on Rory's releases, and Tom and Rory composed and recorded a track which was used by ITV for the 2014 Tour de France. 


Learning to Live

1. Learning To Live
2. Sometimes I Could Believe In You
3. Subway Cinderella
4. Free
5. Tom
6. February Feeling
7. Maybe It Was The Sunshine
8. Midnight Study
9. All I Want Is Your Love
10. Waiting For The Rain
11. Dying Bird
12. High In My Head

Produced by Milton Okun

Branching In

1. Running Into Changes 
2. Echoes
3. Money 
4. Follow Your Love 
5. Road to the Sun 
6. Is it True Blue ? (There's Nothing Unnatural About Electricity) 
7. First Boy 
8. I'll Carry You 
9. Little Leaf 
10.Moontime Writer 
11.Travellers on the Road 

Produced by Milton Okun

Krysia (Krysia Kocjan Solo Album)

1. Good Morning Holiday

2. A Leaf Must Fall

3. So Passes Life

4. La Belle Dame Sans Merci

5. Mr. Physician

6. The Lady Of The Mountains

7. Wet Tuesday

8. Another Song

9. Sweet William

10. You Should Have Been A Painter

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Tom Hoy, Robbie Thyne, Joanna Carlin (AKA Melanie Harold), Amin Mohamed and Dougie Beveridge



01 -10/11/69  Alloa Miners Welfare (FIRST GIG!)


02 -               Kessington Town Hall (Supported by Fate and Ferret, members included Andrew Greig, Author of over                                                         20 books of non-fiction and poetry, winner of Scottish book of The Year and                                                                 praised as one of Scotland's major writers. His latest book written with Mike                                                               Heron "You Know What You Could Be" heavily features Krysia and NAB. Link is                                                             (


03 -               Griffine Hotel, Alexandria


04 -               Canniesburn Hospital, Bearsden


05 -               Jordanhill College


06 -               Redhurst Hotel, Giffnock


07 -               Strathclyde University


08 -               Milngavie Town Hall


09 -               Strathclyde University


10 -               Electric Gardens, Glasgow


11 -               Glasgow University (Q.M.)        


12 -               McDonald Hotel, Glasgow


13 -               Glasgow University


14 -               Jordanhill College


15 -               Royal Hotel, Hamilton


16 -               Close Theatre, Glasgow


17 -               Bruce Hotel ,East Kilbride


18 -               Town Hall, Milngavie


19 -               Kilmardinny House, Bearsden


20 -               Kilmardinny House, Bearsden


21 -               Kilmardinny House, Bearsden


22 -               Kilmardinny House Bearsden


23 -               Cairns, Milngavie


24 -               Maclellan Galleries, Glasgow


25 -               Kylsyth Rangers FC


26 -               BBC Glasgow TV 



27 - 02/05/70    Northcote Hall, Glasgow


28 - 03/05/70    Woodside Halls ,Glasgow


29 - 06/05/70    Jordanhill College, Glasgow


30 - 00/00/70    Kelvin Hall, Glagow


31 -                  Cross Keys Hotel, Dalkeith


32 -                  Kessington Hall, Bearsden


33 -                  Glasow University


34 -                  Henderson’s Underground, Glasgow


35 -                  Cairns, Milngavie


 36 -                 BBC Glasgow


37 -                  Gospel Radio, Glasgow


 38 -                 Caley Cinema, Edinburgh


39 -                  BBC Glasgow (Radio Workshop)


40 -                  Howwood Inn, Renfrewshire


41 -                  BBC London (Sounds of the Seventies)


42 -06/09/70      Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow


43 -                  Howwood Inn, Renfrewshire


44 -                  Edinburgh  University


45 -                  Glasgow University


46 -                  Town Hall, Hamilton


47 - 27/11/70     Fort Theatre, Bishopbriggs


48 - 28/11/70     Churchhill Theatre, Edinburgh


49 -04/1270       Gamma Club, Glasgow


50- 05/12/70      Arts Lab, Kirkintilloch


51 -14/12/70      Watermill Hotel, Paisley



52 -06/01/71      BBC Glasgow (Pulse TV)


53 -13/01/71       BBC Edinburgh (Radio)


54 -21/01/71       RAF Club, Glasgow


55 -23/01/71       George Sq. Theatre, Glasgow